Message From President

Dear Members & Friends,

It is such an honor to be elected as President of Les Clefs dOr Singapore at our recent 26th Annual General Meeting & 28th Anniversary held at PARKROYAL On Beach Road. I truly appreciate all the support and trust rendered to me by members, friends and foreign delegates.

As mentioned at the recent AGM, the objective of the current EXCO team is to work closely with Education Institutions, organized training workshop for members to re-educate ourselves, foster better relations with our Associate Members, reach out to communities and working closely with our other International friends.

Every member of Les Clefs dOr Singapore has to play a part and contribute to the Society therefore it can be recognized as a Vibrant and most talked about Society in the hospitality industry.

The new EXCO team members are very passionate and dedicated to ensure that the objectives are met. Out of the total 11 EXCO members, it is great to see 5 new individuals stepping up to the plate for the first time. I am very confident of their abilities to perform and carry out their respective duties well with the guidance of the established and experienced EXCO members.

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank our Immediate Past President Mr Sam Osman for his passion, commitment and dedication to the Society. All his contribution to the Society will always be remembered and treasured by all members.

My sincere gratitude also goes to the Organizing Chairman Mr Sadi Sariman and his dedicated team of Committee members for all their hard work ensuring that we will have a successful Annual General Meeting and Election. Without Sadi and his team, the event will not be an accomplishment.

As for next year AGM which is not an election year, I hope that we will be able to have it either in Cambodia or Vietnam. The objective of next years AGM is to promote Les Clefs dOr in the respective country as well as doing some charity work whilst we are there.

As more hotels will be opening soon in Singapore combine with our strong economic growth, the hotel industry will play a major role and our career as Professional Concierge of Les Clefs dOr will play a part to contribute to the growth.

I urge all members to continue learning and be knowledgeable and professional when performing their duties at work. Members of Les Clefs dOr Singapore play a major role to train, guide and develop new Concierges at their respective hotel.

Members must also reflect and ask oneself, What does it mean to don the Golden Keys on the lapels of one uniform? To me the Keys means a great deal, pride and symbolic. It stands for my promise to my guests to create personal experiences and care for them with expertise and discretion. They also stand for a worldwide network of friends, an inner passion and dignity we have for our profession. I am very certain that all members will consistently continue to carry out their duties with grace and create the same experience to all their guests.

I am looking forward to all the events, meetings and invitations that will be lined-up soon for our members to be involved, support and participate.

In Service Through Friendship
Vive Les Clefs dOr!


Syed Musaddiq
President, Les Clefs d'Or Singapore
Chef Concierge, The Fullerton Bay Hotel


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